The Judi Rotenberg Gallery on Newbury Street will be closing it’s doors in June.

According to this Boston Globe article, Goodman’s reason for closing the gallery is unrelated to the economy and is entirely a personal decision. Goodman’s email can be found in the New England Journal of Aesthetic Research blog post.

Judi Rotenberg is one of two established commercial galleries in Boston that regularly exhibit audiovisual and new media artwork. This closing leaves only one, the Howard Yezerski Gallery. From the conversations I have had with the artists exhibiting at these galleries, actual sales of their new media works were not common.

In the context of the considerable number of Boston area galleries having closed their doors in the past few years, all this is further validation that artists in the Boston area must keep their sights on national and international opportunities. The art market in this city is fragile and inconsistent, even for an art market. If there were two or three more galleries springing up to take the Rotenberg’s place, I wouldn’t have to say this, but here’s the reality: We live in a town that would rather watch a baseball game than go to an art exhibit.

But don’t hate the Sox. David Ortiz didn’t shut down the Rotenberg.

He just plays a more popular game.