Different relationships require different levels of imagination. Some friends and partners love nothing more than to hear their loved one wax creative. Be sensitive to know the difference between those relationships and ones where they enjoy it less. There are appropriate times to employ imagination in private life: 

  • In witty camaraderie with friends and loved ones when they don’t have immediate needs 
  • In planning goals and plans when the other person’s ideas are also considered 
  • In planning surprise events for a partner or friend provided it’s in line with their preferences 

Those are some suggestions for effective imagining and this is how that might look. Here’s an example of a surprise event. 

Kahlo: I want to do something special for our anniversary, Diego. 

Rivera: And what is that? 

Kahlo: I won’t tell you because it is a surprise but I want to ask you questions. 

Rivera: I like surprises. Alright. 

Kahlo: Do you like….water? 

Rivera: How could a Rivera not love water?? 

Kahlo: You like water. Good. Do you like….cherries? 

Rivera: I don’t like cherries but I love grapes. 

Kahlo: Perfect. You like grapes.  And then what kind of white wine is your favorite? 

Rivera: That’s an easy one. Down the road is a winery, Tres Matadors. That’s my favorite. 

Kahlo: [On the day of their anniversary Kahlo takes Rivera to a brook with a waterfall she knows of and brings a picnic of grapes, cheese, bread, and Tres Matadors.] 

Rivera: This is the best anniversary I could have imagined, Frida.  Thank you.