Every medium presents opportunities for us to engage with it more thoroughly. Architecture and the visual arts allow us to draw or paint to engage. Public speaking and writing allow us to read aloud. Music allows us to sing, as a musician or composer. 

[Glenn Gould, the notable Canadian pianist, sang while he played. This was a way for him to stay engaged with the medium. His singing can be heard on his professional recordings. Recording engineers attempted to build a box around the front of the piano to try and isolate the sound of him singing but Gould tore it apart and continued singing. He needed to sing in order to engage with his instrument and with his music. His baritone singing is a part of a Gould recording.]  

The more deeply we are engaged, the more deeply we will master our craft.  How can you sing while you work? What is the best way for you to engage with your medium?  

You may not use these approaches precisely and I’m sure you’ve devised some of your own. These techniques are here to foment your thinking about skill-building.