COLLISION 15 is this year’s annual exhibit of art-inspired technology at AXIOM. The Collision Collective, founded by MIT alums, organizes and curates this exhibit in partnership with the Axiom Gallery for New and Experimental Media.

The one piece which rises above and beyond it’s technological roots is Mark Stock’s Research Code.(image above) His use of design, light and dark, visual rhythm, and overall composition is stunning and creates a strong emotional impression. This was no small task given the technical complexity involved in generating such a work. In Research Code, Mr. Stock demonstrates the heights of unity and craft possible in the integration of graphically rendered high-resolution detail with larger shapes, structure, and overall conception.
Here are all the artists in this show:

Ben Bray
Joesph Farbrook
Chris Fitch
John Goodman
Rob Gonsalves
Georgina Lewis
Dan Paluska
Roy Pardi
Dan Roe
John Slepian
Mark Stock
Wayne Strattman
Aaron Zinman

Exhibition Dates: February 19th – March 27th, 2010
Exhibition Hours: Tuesdays, 2-5 pm, Wednesdays 6-9 pm, Thursdays, 2-9pm – Saturdays, 2-5pm
For more information on this event, please call 617.676.5904