The Art of Art

The Art of Art

  • Evaluating Ideas

    Idea evaluation is a process that assesses the usefulness of a new product of the imagination.

  • Engaging with a Medium

    Every medium presents opportunities for us to engage with it more thoroughly.

  • Building Skills

    Attempting to produce genius-level works without spending many years acquiring skills will result in failure and frustration.

  • Is a Genius Born or Made?

    Are geniuses born or made? This is a key question if you’re trying to do something big in the world.

  • What is Genius?

    Geniuses must not just be original but must also be exemplary. – Immanuel Kant paraphrased

  • Becoming a Renaissance Person: Part II

    Horizontal skills can be brought to bear on many different pursuits and disciplines.

  • Becoming a Renaissance Person: Part I

    Some artists excel in multiple fields, becoming a polymath or Renaissance Person.

  • The Direction of the World

    People don’t typically want to pay money for creativity. They just want a good hamburger, and they’ll pay for that.