MoMA Pop Rally Exhibits Dan Hermes

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In conjunction with the Inventing Abstraction, 1910–1925 and Abstract Generation: Now in Print exhibitions, the Museum of Modern Art in New York exhibited the work of Dan Hermes. The works screened on April 14th, 2013 at MoMA’s Pop Rally series. Four works were shown: Fantasia, Air in Three Colors, White Ink #1, and Trio in Blue. The work, Air in Three Colors, is currently on exhibit at the BCEC Art on the Marquee exhibit. Mr. Hermes creates moving paintings, artwork in motion for screens. He is currently writing a book on the topic, Moving Painting: Fine Art for Screens.


2 Comments to “MoMA Pop Rally Exhibits Dan Hermes”
  1. Kristin Swanke says:

    Hi Dan:

    I teach painting, computer arts, and animation at a high school in Ceres, CA.

    I am having my students in Flash/Photoshop explore the idea of moving art. Trying to find examples and also what is the movement called? I am not having a lot of luck. Can you head me in the right direction.

    Much Appreciated,
    Kristin Swanke

  2. danhermes says:

    Hi Kristin, There are several art movements associated with moving art: software art, new media art, and visual music. My blog is the only single collection of moving art that I’m aware of, and many of the artists, but not all, can be found there. It is difficult to create moving art in Flash of any seriousness as the animation is crude. Most serious moving art is coded by hand, uses Maya, which is also problematic, or other high-end commercial CGI tools. Most young digital artists start with Processing or Adobe After Effects and video and work from there.

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