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Artist Statement

The poetry of visual language is born anew each time new technologies become available to artists. I embrace electricity, the screen, the projector, and the computer to extend the physicality of traditional mediums and to transform their message. A defining element of the early 21st century, in function and design, is the screen. I embrace this notion that we are captivated by the moving image, its lessons, its design, and the poetry of motion, to enhance and clarify my personal visual language.

My video sculptures become screens themselves, fusing abstract sculpture with moving imagery and digital graphics.  I exploit the rich palette of the screen and the vector of time to draw the viewer into a unique, engaging sensual experience. Traditional art genres and subjects are my starting point: still life, nature, portraits, and abstracts.  My work subtly fuses technology with older notions of Realism, Impressionism, Surrealism, and Abstract Expressionism to become a uniquely 21st century medium. 

I rejuvenate the language of art to speak to the modern eye.