MOVING PAINTING - a book underway

MoMA Pop Rally Exhibits Dan Hermes

In conjunction with the Inventing Abstraction, 1910–1925 and Abstract Generation: Now in Print exhibitions, the Museum of Modern Art in New York exhibited the work of Dan Hermes.

Art on the Marquee

Boston Cyberarts and the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority have teamed up to create “Art on the Marquee,” an ongoing project to commission public media art for display on the new 80-foot-tall multi-screen LED marquee outside the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in South Boston. The largest urban screen in New England, this unique digital canvas

Sotheby’s Catalog for iPad

Auction house adapts catalog to the iPad:

3D to 2D: At the Heart of Art

Traditional visual art involves the translation of three dimensional elements into two dimensional space.    Early painters took the leap into perspective, depth, and form, and much of Western fine art has delved deeper.  This translation requires many abbreviations, summations, cut corners, and visual decisions.  Much of the expression and creative license in fine art happens
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10/26 – ATNE Salon: Motion In Fine Art

An Art Technology New England salon at the Boston Cyberarts Gallery features Dan Hermes, artist and writer, presenting from his forthcoming book called Moving Paintings. Video and time-based art will illustrate topics, theory, and history of motion in fine art. The floor will then open to general discussion: How does time play into visual art? How do we
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How do line, shape, and color behave when the gates of Time are opened to them?

How do line, shape, and color behave when the gates of Time are suddenly opened to them? I suggest that even the most skilled artisans have only just begun to explore this question.  The prevalence of narrative in moving mediums has marginalized this question for many years.  Of course a great film does wonders with
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How Are Moving Paintings Used?

Moving digital paintings are used in one of three ways: Framed – one or more framed flat-screen televisions Projection – on walls, floors, or ceilings Licensed – paintings for pre-existing televisions, computers, or displays FRAMED Framed moving digital paintings range in size from six inches to sixty inches for single screen installations. Forty plus sized
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