Roots of Moving Painting: Walter Ruttmann

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“Walter Ruttmann (28 December 1887 – 15 July 1941) was a German film director and along with Hans Richter and Viking Eggeling was an early German practitioner of experimental film. Ruttmann was born in Frankfurt am Main; he studied architecture and painting and worked as a graphic designer. His film career began in the early 1920s. His first abstract short films, “Opus I” (1921) and “Opus II” (1923), were experiments with new forms of film expression, and the influence of these early abstract films can be seen in the early work of Oskar Fischinger. Ruttmann and his colleagues of the avant garde movement enriched the language of film as a medium with new form techniques.” – Wikipedia



2 Comments to “Roots of Moving Painting: Walter Ruttmann”
  1. Sarah Hatch says:

    Very nice to see. Know about. How did they film in colour? I didn’t think there was colour film at that time. Thanks.

  2. danhermes says:

    Sarah, as these films were made a few years before commercially available color film processes, they were colored using manual techniques: Tinting, toning, and hand-tinting. Those involve: applying color to the dark emulsion, dying the light areas, and hand painting each frame.

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